We are, more or less, currently in the chronological era that old Cyberpunk fiction used to write about. But the “Now” is nothing like they thought it would be.  It was all so cool to imagine back then.  But is that material all worthless now?  Is an entire genre of fiction dead?  It has transformed over time, updating itself to keep slightly ahead of real world advances in technology.  But the essence of it isn’t the same.  Maybe it’s just because the medium changed.  There aren’t many Cyberpunk novelists around these days.  Video games stepped in to fill that void.  Unfortunately they have other concerns (like visual fidelity and entertaining interactivity) than faithfully upholding the old Cyberpunk ethos.  And, even if that weren’t the case, the world has changed to make the nature of that old fiction irrelevant.
I have no grand insights to share on this matter.  I just wanted to mention it.
Perhaps I just want a non-cheesy remake of Johnny Mnemonic.  It worked for Dredd.


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